Terrible news: Dez Bryant no longer owns pet monkey

Dallas Bryant, America's most famous primate in a pre-Harambe world, is no longer the property of his celebrity owner.

Cowboys star Dez Bryant told KTCK-AM on Friday that he gave away his pet capuchin monkey to a friend.

"I get to see him," Bryant said, though it was unclear if he was informing the radio audience or attempting to comfort himself.

Pictured below -- Dez and Dallas at the beginning:

Bryant is no stranger to controversy, and his time with Dallas was no exception. Brittany Peet, PETA's deputy director of captive animal law enforcement, released a statement one month after Bryant took Dallas into his home, demanding that the animal be removed from the property.

"Monkeys belong in the wild -- not in the hands of football players who acquire exotic animals just to make a splash on Instagram," she said in a spicy statement.

Bryant maintains that Dallas was always well cared for.

"He was one of us, the monkey was one of us," Bryant insists. "He got pure-A1 treatment."

Bryant wouldn't specify who is now in ownership of Dallas, which makes one wonder if the new living arrangement will satisfy Peet, stickler that she is. I wish Dez Bryant still had a monkey.

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