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Terrell Suggs: Biceps injuries cannot slow a Raven

Terrell Suggs missed the Ravens' Week 7 loss to the Jets with a torn biceps muscle.

It doesn't sound like a pleasant injury, but the veteran linebacker doesn't want it to be an issue that costs him his season. In fact, Terrell Suggs wants you to know he refuses to let compromised muscle fiber take him down like typical human.

Let's be fair: If J.J. Watt released a statement like this, he'd get destroyed by every sports blog in existence. Suggs deserves similar ribbing for this strange bravado, as do the Ravens for calling attention to it like it was Al Pacino speech in Any Given Sunday or something. "This may be a season-ending injury for someone else, but it's not season-ending for a Raven"? Wha?

This might be a call-back to Ravens great Ray Lewis playing through his final season -- one that ended with a Super Bowl win over the 49ers -- with torn triceps, which, I guess, is in the biceps territory of the upper arm. That said, you can safely assume multiple guys play through similar injuries every season. I'm pretty sure the Ravens haven't cornered the market on grit.

And what's this "I come from an era" stuff? Suggs was born in 1982. He began his career in 2003. When we think of the "When Men Were Men" bromide, do we really conjure up memories about the mid-aughts of the NFL?

"It's most definitely a pain tolerance thing," Suggs told reporters on Tuesday. "But it's also a win tolerance thing. How much do you want to win?"

Shouldn't it be lose tolerance? Oh forget it. 

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