Ten things that aren't as stupid as Joey Bosa holdout

Joey Bosa is still not in Chargers camp. The No. 3 overall pick remains mired in a bitter contract standoff with the Bolts that threatens to wipe out Bosa's rookie year and permanently damage the relationship between the two sides.

This is so stupid. How stupid? Here are 10 things that are stupid, but not as stupid, as Joey Bosa's current contract stalemate with the San Diego Chargers.

1. Believing in mermaids, but not dinosaurs

2. Turning on heat coils to dry paint on a football field in mid-August

3. Releasing an album under the pseudonym Chris Gaines when you're actually Garth Brooks

4. Choosing to get a Michael Phelps tattoo

5. Getting drunk, then charging the ring during a wrestling match

6. Releasing a movie about a talking cat that stars Kevin Spacey as Mr. Fuzzypants

7. Stepping on a Foreman Grill you have plugged in on the floor beside your bed

8. Being a terrible publicist who says "Terrell has 25 million reasons to be alive"

9. The jazz club dance scene in Spider-Man 3

10. Bidding $86 U.S. dollars on a frying pan signed by Robert Griffin III

Please work it out, guys. This is stupid.

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