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Teddy Bridgewater emotional on sideline in return

Teddy Bridgewater made it back.

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback, who had his career and life upended by a freak knee injury in practice last summer, was on the sideline and active for Sunday's 38-30 win over the Washington Redskins. Sunday marked the first time Bridgewater was on the active roster for a Vikings game in 672 days. After the national anthem was played, FOX cameras captured an emotional Bridgewater sitting on the bench and wiping away tears as teammates showed support.

"Being able to stand next to those guys on the sideline during the national anthem," Bridgewater told reporters after the game. "It all boiled up. I kinda screamed a little on the sideline, after I said my prayer in the end zone. I screamed a little. Then when I got on the sideline I was like, man, it's really about to happen. Today was a great moment for my life, my personal life. It was even a better moment for this team. We went out there. We competed and won a big game that we needed to win on the road."

Bridgewater was a popular breakout candidate for the Vikings when he suffered the non-contact injury to his left knee during a practice just days before the 2016 opener. He tore multiple ligaments, dislocated his left knee and suffered other structural damage. The injury was serious enough to put Bridgewater's career in jeopardy.

Now Bridgewater is back, and his potential return to the starting lineup looms as a huge feel-good story in a 2017 season that's been defined by injuries to vital stars. Sunday marked another huge step in what's been a grueling comeback.

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