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Takeaways from Justin Timberlake's press conference

MINNEAPOLIS -- Justin Timberlake is in character.

The pop star is standing in front of a packed convention room of reporters from all over the world, but he looks like his next stop could be a pig roast in the woods. Clad in a flannel button up over a white thermal shirt, and paired with jeans and sneakers, this is not the same JT who spent the previous album cycle in a tuxedo.

Perhaps this is why Timberlake's new album is called Man of the Woods. Pig Roast in the Woods doesn't have the same panache.

No matter, because Timberlake wasn't at the Hilton to talk fashion. This was a true press conference, and Timberlake touched on a number of topics during his 20-minute availability with the media. Here were the big takeaways:

Justin Timberlake and Tom Brady are handsome celebrity friends

JT and TB12 hang out. They've golfed together. Timberlake is comfortable enough with Brady that he reached out to the Patriots quarterback before his biggest game of the season. "I actually texted Tom before the conference championship game and said, 'I'm going to the Super Bowl. Are you going to the Super Bowl?' to get him fired up."

Timberlake added that "Tom's definitely the type of dude you invite over to watch the Super Bowl with you, the problem is that he's always at the Super Bowl." Brady is selfish like that.

Don't expect to see Janet (or any other special guests) on Sunday

The last time JT played the Super Bowl, you might remember a "wardrobe malfunction" that went down in pop culture infamy. A Janet Jackson return could become The Moment of the halftime show, but don't expect it to happen. In fact, Timberlake essentially ruled it out on Thursday.

"Well ... no," Timberlake said when asked if there might be surprise guests. "I had a ton of grand ideas about special guests. I think Vegas has a lot of odds on it I heard, from *NSYNC, to Jay[Z], to Chris Stapleton, to Janet. But this year, I'm just excited, my band, The Tennessee Kids, I feel like they're my special guest this year and I'm excited to rock the stage."

JT had really glowing things to say about Prince

A Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter asked about Prince, the Minnesota-born pop icon who passed away in 2016. Timberlake's response made you wonder if a Prince tribute is in the offing on Sunday.

Hmmmm ...

No, Justin Timberlake is not taking sides in Super Bowl LII

In keeping with tradition of virtually every other performer in the history of this presser event, Timberlake declined to pick a winner or state a rooting preference in the Super Bowl. A Boston-based reporter desperately tried to coax a Patriots pick out of Timberlake, but his eventual response of "Go Pack go" drew some jeers from the crowd. Know your audience, man! This is Skol Country!

Justin Timberlake as a Patriots WR would probably work

An entertainment reporter asked Timberlake if he wanted his young son to follow in his footsteps. Timberlake deflected and began to joke about his own physical prowess.

"Speed runs in our family. I've been running routes, too. I just want to throw this out there to Belichick: If all your receivers go down, I'll be ready to go. (after a beat) Do they have injuries? I think they're all healthy."

I feel like Belichick and Josh McDaniels could scheme up a 5/67/1-type performance from Timberlake if they really had to have it.

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