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Stephon Gilmore adds another Gisele to Patriots family

Stephon Gilmore got paid a ton of money to join the New England Patriots last week. Should we view the name of his new daughter, born on the same day Gilmore signed with the Pats, as more than coincidence?

"I actually named her Gisele Sienna Gilmore," Gilmore told reporters on a conference call. "My wife's name is Gabrielle, so we thought of a 'G' name and we picked Gisele. She was seven pounds, eight ounces. I don't know how long she was, but it was a blessing when she came into this world."

As you might have been aware,Tom Brady happens to be married to the most famous Gisele in the world. According to, the Gilmores did not factor the super-famous Gisele, wife of Tom, into their naming decision.

It would be a really terrific controversy if it were revealed Brady had baby naming rights baked into Gilmore's contract. That would be weird.

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