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Spot who's missing in the annual coaches class photo

Ah yes, it's one of our favorite traditions of the offseason: The coaches class photo at the Annual League Meeting.

Confession time: I'm a little disappointed with the photographer's artistic direction here. The joy of the coaches photo comes in the ability to really examine each guy. What they're wearing, the faces they're making, who's being passive aggressive in their manspreading. But we're so damn far away here, all that is tough to decipher. We get it, that's a gorgeous flower bed and the weather in Phoenix is super nice today.

**But that's not why I'm here.

Thankfully, we can a) still see Andy Reid's Hawaiian shirt and b) figure out who went AWOL. We're missing just two coaches: Bill Belichick and Adam Gase. Apparently, Bill had a scouting conflict that will keep him from meeting with the media on Tuesday. The Hooded One did make a cameo in Phoenix, and, just like last year, his toe nails were on proud display.

Belichick's insistence on exposing his feet meat feels like a total power move by a man in total control of his domain.

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