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Smart guy: Peterson gifts his FB with a pair of Yeezys

Adrian Peterson knows he will be more successful at his job if his fullback is good at his. If Peterson can curry some personal favor with the man, even better.

Peterson, who's getting rave reviews at Saints camp this spring, bought veteran fullback John Kuhn a pair of Yeezys, the popular Adidas sneaker designed by Kanye West.


Since I'm not a sneakerhead -- I only somewhat recently became aware there is an adult man who goes by the name "Kickasso" -- I'm unfit to say how nice a gift this was. Are these exclusive Yeezys or just a popular style? I reached out to a friend with knowledge in this realm who speculated this was more a nice gesture than call-in-all-favors friendship grand slam by the former 2,000-yard rusher.

Are you a footwear expert? If these are exclusive kicks, please enlighten me and I will make note of it here. Meanwhile, Mark Ingram would be wise to investigate the Jordan market for the offensive line.

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