Sleep like the great, most likely human, Tom Brady

Like you, Tom Brady is human. Probably. Given that (probable) fact, the question we should all have in the midst of another brilliant season for the 39-year-old: How does Tom Brady human so well?

Well, that's a question with a nuanced answer involving sophisticated physical training, an outrageously strict diet, and no strawberries. Under no condition are there to be strawberries. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? But it all starts (or ends) with a good night's sleep.

On the intimidating and questionably human TB12 section of Under Armour's website, Brady offers a helpful guide to slumber.

Remember that last part. You will not enjoy Tom Brady-level sleep -- and thus never be as truly a great (probable) human as Tom Brady -- without Athlete Recovery Sportswear®. You've been advised.

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