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Six of the greatest moments from 'All or Nothing'

The Amazon Original Series All or Nothing: A Season With The Arizona Cardinals has been available for streaming for more than two weeks now. Have you binged your way through it yet?

If not, what are you waiting for? The latest jewel in the crown of the inimitable NFL Films, All or Nothing offered the first-ever season-long behind-the-scenes look at an NFL team. We outlined all the reasons why the 2015 Cards were a perfect pick for AoN's maiden voyage during our eight episode recaps. But if you're still not sure whether it's a worthy investment of your time, here are six of my favorite moments from the series.

6. Don't get BA angry

We're less than 15 minutes into the first episode when we see the fiery side of Bruce Arians. The coach isn't happy players are parking in his designated space -- (side note: Who would be stupid enough to take the boss' parking spot?!?) and he offers up an extremely stern warning for this action to cease. It's a rant that makes Rex Ryan's "Let's get a G-D snack" from Hard Knocks look tame in comparison.

When former British Olympian and practice squad linebacker Lawrence Okoye doesn't get the message, Arians sends an even louder one. Okoye is out of a job and the rest of the team is effectively frightened into compliance.

5. He got game?

When I spoke with Carson Palmer at the All or Nothing premiere in downtown Los Angeles (humblebrag), Palmer explained that producers repeatedly approached him with requests for more access. Palmer, citing his wish for privacy, declined each time, but we still get a closer look at the veteran. It's funny: Palmer has been a star in the league for what feels like decades, but he's managed to stay beneath the radar in many respects.

Here's Palmer -- who views himself as a top three hoops player on the Cardinals -- bragging about his skills on the court. "Here's the thing: I got a jumper like nobody on this team! I don't miss." Love it.

For the record, I don't doubt Palmer has stellar "Old Guy At The Y" abilities, but I'm not sure I'm taking him in the top 10 in a Cardinals pick-up game.

4. Chuck It To The Bucket

Here's a competition more in QB1's wheelhouse. Palmer, backup Drew Stanton and cornerback Patrick Peterson played a game called "Chuck It To The Bucket" in which the loser wears an outfit picked out by the winners for the team flight (for road games) or pre-game warmups (for home contests).

Basic pride wouldn't let Peterson exit a competition that better suited him as a spectator. The culmination of his struggles comes in the form of an elf costume that leaves little to the imagination. (Warning: almost NSFW).

3. Bruce and Christine

Bruce and Christine Arians are so fun to watch in this series. The couple is down-to-earth and genuine and their deep bond is obvious. "Chris" as Bruce calls his wife, has been with him every step of the way during his rollercoaster career. I love this trip to Arians' kitchen on Black Monday. I love how Arians casually grabs a piece of cheese during their conversation -- just a totally real and relatable moment between best friends.

Christine is the best. Watch her go off on some people in her luxury box who have the audacity to make noise when the Cardinals' offense is on the field.

2. Larry the great

Larry Fitzgerald is one of my favorite players of all-time, so it's fun to get a closer look at an all-time great. All or Nothing shows the unmatched level of respect Fitzgerald commands in his own locker room. He's viewed in an almost mythic light. Then Fitzgerald goes out in the playoffs against the Packers and delivers one of his signature performances.

Fun fact: This instant-classic playoff game had more cameras and mics than any game in the history of NFL Films. They picked a good time to empty out the utility shed.

1. Highs and lows with Honey Badger

When Tyrann Mathieu goes down with a season-ending knee injury in the tail end of a December win over the Eagles, the reverberations are felt with the team for the rest of the season. The Honey Badger is universally seen as wildly talented player (he was a favorite for Defensive Player of the Year at the time of his injury), but he's also shown to be one of the most popular, respected player in the locker room. You see this in how Palmer speaks of Mathieu and attempts to console his teammate during a private moment.

Finally, we see Mathieu address his teammates prior to the NFC Championship Game against the Panthers. It's a goosebumps speech from the safety and a perfect example of what made All or Nothing so great in its maiden voyage. Access doesn't get any better than this.

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