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Silver lining? Jeff Fisher avoids all-time loss record

Jeff Fisher told the truth. He proclaimed to the world he wasn't go to go 7-9 (I believe f------ 7-9 was his exact wording) and, as it turns out, he will not.

Instead, the coach went 4-9 before the Ramspulled the plug on Monday afternoon. Fisher ends his long Rams tenure at 31-45-1 with no winning seasons in five chances.

We're not going to celebrate Fisher's dismissal -- we'll leave that corner to Eric Dickerson -- but there is a tiny silver lining for a coach who was probably a few days away from an unflattering NFL record:

Most Losses For A Coach In NFL History

Fisher won't own the record himself ... unless he can convince another team to give him the big chair. Crazier things have happened.

Want some more Fisher minutiae? He becomes the first head coach to be fired before the same season his team was featured on Hard Knocks *concluded (Mike Smith was fired by the Falcons at the end of the 2014 season the same year Atlanta was on *Hard Knocks). Efforting to get Liev Schreiber's take on this.

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