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San Diego moving companies to Bolts: We won't help

The Chargers announced last week that they will relocate to Los Angeles, a decision that severs ties with the city of San Diego after 55 years together.

The move prompted a loud and passionate outcry from local fans who have supported the team for decades, and now a collective of moving companies are sending their own message to the Chargers, who, now that they've announced their move, have to go about the business of actually, well, moving.

Ryan Charles, head of sales and marketing for, reached out to companies in his network urging them to turn down any potential opportunity to help a Chargers move. The response surprised him.

"The feedback was immediately positive," said Charles, according to NBC San Diego. "I got chuckles, people were laughing, there were guys saying 'I wouldn't move them for X amount of dollars.'"

One assumes the Chargers will eventually find someone to do the job. NBC San Diego reported that a gig of that scope could come with a price tag in excess of $100,000, and people have businesses to run and bills to pay.

Still, the fact that the movement has any traction at all tells you plenty about the hurt feelings in San Diego.

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