Saints can't re-create moment on Gleason anniversary

Sunday marked the 10-year anniversary of the most iconic play in the history of the New Orleans Saints.

I refer, of course, to the blocked punt by Saints special teams standout Steve Gleason on Sept. 25, 2006. The play, which resulted in a touchdown, came to signify a rebirth for a city that had been devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

For the Saints, Gleason's play represented the turning point for a franchise that would go from laughingstock to Super Bowl champion in the space of three years. A statue sits outside the Superdome commemorating the moment. It was, and remains, a big deal for everyone involved.

Gleason, a brave man locked in an infinite battle with ALS, was in attendance at the Superdome on Monday night for the Saints' matchup against the Falcons. We'd love to say New Orleans summoned some of that old magic to honor the anniversary, but sports don't always follow the script you want. In fact, sometimes you get the opposite ...

On Monday night, about 900 miles away from the Superdome, Dee Gordon blasted a leadoff home run in the Miami Marlins' first game since the tragic death of teammate Jose Fernandez. It has my vote as the sports moment of the year.

Would it have been great for the Saints to have another dramatic special teams conquest on the Gleason anniversary? Sure. But maybe the sports world used up its allotment of "This is a movie, right?" moments for the night. Everybody should be cool with this.

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