Ryan Switzer mistaken for kicker by security guard

Ryan Switzer is a fourth-round pick of the Cowboys with a real chance to make an impact on special teams in his rookie season. If he does make a splash -- Dallas could really use a punt returner who can make people miss -- the whole world will know him. Such are the perks of being a Cowboy.

But until then, Switzer must bide his time and do the work. And that's what he was doing this weekend at the Cowboys' training facility when he was caught up in a particularly humbling case of mistaken identity.

Before we get on the security guard, keep in mind that Switzer is a 5-foot-8, 180-pound white dude. We don't want to typecast here, but there are many, many NFL kickers through the decades who could be described in the same manner. Security guard, EXONERATED!

If only the guard knew what was permanently imprinted on Switzer's inside lower lip.

No kicker is going through this type of pain.

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