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Ryan Mallett suffers INT meltdown at Ravens practice

Last time we thought about Ryan Mallett, he was being undermined by his iPhone. Now it's the Ravens' defense doing its best to make the backup quarterback miserable.

Check out this dispatch from's Jamison Hensley, who has boots on the ground at Ravens training camp:

[Mallett] looked awful [filling] in for Joe Flacco (back) with the first team on Friday. He was intercepted at least five times and was nearly picked off two more times. On his last interception, Mallett threw his white towel in the air. His struggles were noticed by linebacker Terrell Suggs. "Hey Marty [Mornhinweg, offensive coordinator], tell Mallett to throw to the guys wearing the purple jerseys [the offense]," Suggs said.

(Cut to tonight, Mallett Manor...)

"How was work today, honey?"

"Oh, I almost threw seven interceptions and absolutely nobody -- not a single soul -- believes in me. I'm gonna go lie down."

In an unrelated story, Colin Kaepernick is an unrestricted free agent.

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