Ryan Kalil spoofs Cam Newton's birthday music video

Last month Cam Newton celebrated his 28th birthday with a huge party in Costa Rica and his own music video. Cam's center, Ryan Kalil, decided to poke a little fun at the star quarterback with a music video party of his own.

Here's the breakdown of Cam's party vs. Ryan's party:

Location: Villa in Costa Rica vs. giant cabin in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina (Adv. Cam, 1-0)

Setting: Dance floor vs. campfire (Adv. Ryan, 1-1)

Transportation: ATVs vs. pickup trucks (Adv. Cam, 2-1)

Lip-synching skills:Cam Newton vs. Greg Olsen (Adv. Ryan, 2-2)

Pickup Sport: Volleyball vs. basketball (Adv. Ryan, 2-3)

The tally plus the amazing attempt at a backflip is what seals it for us. Kalil did have more fun.

P.S. It appears Kalil created an Instagram account -- the video is his only post and his account isn't verified yet -- solely for the purpose of making this parody. When a guy protects you from getting crushed by 300-pound dudes, he earns the right to have a little fun at your expense.

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