Ron Rivera, like you, fell asleep during Rams-49ers

NFL coaches, they're just like us.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera acknowledged he was unable to stay awake for the duration of the Rams-49ers snoozer on Monday night, this despite the Niners being the next team up on Carolina's schedule.

"Unfortunately, I stayed up and watched. And the reason why I say unfortunately is I fell asleep somewhere in the beginning of the fourth quarter," Rivera said during Wednesday's press conference. "But I got to see three quarters of it."

Can you blame the guy? It was around 1 a.m. in Charlotte by the time the fourth quarter started. Compounding matters, the Rams and 49ers had played a third quarter that will go down as one of the least inspiring periods of football in recent memory. The two teams combined for seven punts, two first downs, one interception and zero points in the 15 minutes of game time.

Rivera is also 54 years old. Any dad over the age of 40 who's sitting in front of a TV past midnight is asleep. That's just science.

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