Rodgers and his giant mustache answer to no one

Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to facial hair. Like millions of men, he'll experiment from time to time -- quietly convincing himself the reflection staring back at him in the bathroom mirror is new and different and superior.

For many men, this period of follicle self-exploration usually ends once your significant other sees what you've got going on. In my own past, women come down hard on the 21st-century male mustache. Its immediate banishment is a bummer, but life is dotted with such minor disappointments.

Aaron Rodgers doesn't have to worry about these obstacles. He is single -- your proverbial free bird -- and if the Packers quarterback wants to channel his inner Wilford Brimley, there's no one to stop him. It's easy to envy this level of lip-caterpillar liberation.

The Brimley is the type of mustache that makes you look like you're perpetually perturbed about something. (One unsubstantiated theory: The weight of the Brimley doesn't allow the facial muscles to curl into a smile.) Perhaps the look represents the story behind the 'stache for Rodgers.

Football is less than two weeks away. Time to put your game face on.

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