Robert Kraft further cements 'coolest owner' status

Who would've thought Robert Kraft could possibly be the biggest sneaker aficionado in the NFL?

The 75-year-old Patriots owner appeared in a video with Complex at the sneaker store Bodega in Cambridge, Massachusetts. During the interview, he announced a new line of sneakers, the *Nike Air Force 1 UltraForce Low Patriots*.

The Patriots-inspired sneakers feature a "WE ARE ALL PATRIOTS" message in the insoles and an old-school Patriots logo on the tongue. And don't fret over the $150 price tag -- the proceeds from the new kicks will benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.

At the end of the interview, Kraft goes on to purchase five pairs of sneakers for a modest total of $783.13, including the camo edition of the Air Jordan Russell Westbrook 0.2's.

But his affection for shoes isn't even the most noteworthy "La Reveal Magnifico" moment in the video.

A minute into the video, Kraft interrupts host Joe La Puma after referring to him as "Mr. Kraft," to divulge what he prefers to be called.

"Sweetheart," Kraft said, "you gotta call me RKK."

Just when you thought like President Barack Obama that Kraft was already the "coolest owner in sports" (which surprise guest Jerod Mayo casually mentions at the 2:39 mark in the above video) after the billionaire wore Air Force 1 sneakers with his suit at the White House, he drops this initialism bomb. He even pulls another incredible power move by calling another man "sweetheart."

Calling someone by only their three initials is quite possibly the highest honor available in the name game. Can Robert Kenneth Kraft joins the ranks of FDR, JFK and MLK with "RKK"?

Well, he already could be gaining steam.

In further research, NFL Network's Stacey Dales dropped "RKK" in an interview (2:02 mark below) with the Patriots owner back in the middle of October.

Kraft just needs to release the Nike RKK's to further cement his legend status.

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