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Rob Ryan uses 'I'm On A Boat' as his walk-up song

The state of the Ryan brothers is like weather during summer in Texas. If you don't like it, wait five minutes.

The sun is shining right now on Rex and Rob, whose Bills are riding a three-game winning streak with a home date against the woeful 49ers up next. So, less than a month after every notable football publication was running obituaries on the Ryan coaching dynasty, we are now back to fluffy anecdotes about how fun it is to play for the sons of Buddy Ball.

Speaking of which, here's a fun little story from Bills veteran linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, who explained to what makes life in Orchard Park different.

"I love the environment that they bring," said Alexander, who enters Week 6 with seven sacks (betcha didn't know that). "I've never been to a place where coaches have walk-up songs to present in team meetings, like hitters do in Major League Baseball. The coaches have walk-up songs depending on what the theme of the week is, or what the name of a play is. It's fun.

"We put in a play called Boat One. And you know the song, the SNL spoof, "I'm On A Boat"? Rob walks up to that song to install this play. It's crazy. What coach does that? I've never been around that. They keep it light and fun."

Remember these good times when everyone wants to fire Rex and Rob again in about six weeks.

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