Rivers, Bosa swear to be better than Rams on 'Kimmel'

The Chargers might have some unforeseen challenges in getting their stuff to Los Angeles, but the team's two biggest stars have started the transition with the help of Jimmy Kimmel.

On Tuesday's edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Los Angeles-based talk show host had the two Chargers players swear over a pair of yoga pants that they'll be better than the Rams, among other L.A.-centric things.

You know who is thrilled about living in L.A.? Joey freaking Bosa, that's who. Rivers, meanwhile, keeps his poker face when asked if he's happy about moving up the coast.

"I'm warming up to it a little bit," Rivers replies.

This isn't the smoothest late-night bit you'll see, but then again, finding a professional athlete (let alone two) with legitimate comedic timing is as rare as a spotted snow leopard sighting on Hollywood Boulevard.

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