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Richard Sherman is not going to play Seahawks' game

This Richard Sherman soap opera is getting juicy.

The star cornerback finds himself on shaky ground with the Seattle Seahawks, something we know with certainty because their general manager, John Schneider, acknowledged this in an interview on Wednesday. We cannot stress how unusual it is to hear a prominent front-office executive not lie his buttocks off when the subject matter is as thorny as the potential trade of a popular superstar in his prime.

Sherman, you may be aware, is an outspoken fellow, and was unlikely to stay mum after Schneider's stunning admission. His brother was quick to react in speaking with NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport on Wednesday. The star's rebuttal began in the form of a reply to a tweet from Sam Monson of the popular football analytics site,

This scratches two itches for Sherman: 1) He publicly gets behind some data that reminds people just how freaking great he's been since the Seahawks struck oil in the fifth round of the 2011 draft. And 2) It's a deft subtweet of Cardinals All Pro Patrick Peterson, a player with whom Sherman has publicly feuded in the past on the subject of World's Greatest Cornerback.

Schneider is basically waving a FOR SALE sign above his head. Sherman will wave some prominent finger digits in reply. It feels like the start of a saga that ends with Sherman playing elsewhere in 2017.

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