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Ric Flair needs to pick an NFL team and stick with it

Ric Flair continues to hold a figure-four-like grip over the hearts of young NFL stars.

The legendary professional wrestler visited Falcons camp on Tuesday, meeting with players before breaking down a huddle with his trademark, well, you know.

Flair is 67 and was winding down his career as an active wrestler when today's NFL stars were in diapers. But Flair's unmatched schtick -- the "stylin' and profilin'" playboy of sports entertainment -- has made him an enduring figure.

If this all sounds familiar, it should. Flair visited with the 49ers before a playoff game in January 2014, telling San Francisco players his "heart" was with the Niners. Flair lived in Charlotte at the time and was a Panthers season-ticket holder, and his change in allegiance -- some may call it a heel turn -- prompted then-Panthers star Steve Smith to snarl "that Golden Gate Bridge has been burned."

Flair has since moved to Atlanta and now reps the Falcons. I love me some Nature Boy, but Ric Flair has no sports fan integrity.

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