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Rex Ryan removes lap-band in act of brotherly love

Rex Ryan has said so long to the lap-band.

The Bills coach told New York beat reporters on a conference call Wednesday that he recently underwent an arthroscopic procedure to remove his lap-band, an inflatable silicone device that restricts the stomach and curbs appetite in people with weight problems.

The lap-band had done wonders for Rex, who dropped over 120 pounds after his initial surgery. People forget just how big Rex got by the end of his first season with the Jets. But Rex, who employs twin brother Rob on his Bills coaching staff, said he had the lap-band removed as a sign of solidarity with his sibling.

"I told him, we'll figure this out together (without the lap-band)" Ryan said, according to the New York Post. "Plus, I won more games without it than did with it in."

The numbers don't lie. Rex went 20-13 in his first two seasons with the Jets, advancing to the AFC Championship Game each year. In the seasons since the surgery, the coach has gone 34-47 with the Jets and Bills without a trip to the playoffs.

Ryan has gained back 30 pounds since having the lap-band removed. Time to ramp up the bicycle workouts, boys.

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