Rex goes undercover during Edelman conference call

Rex Ryan is having fun with Patriots week. Maybe because there's no guarantee he'll have another one.

On Sunday, Rex made sure to invoke the name of The Hooded One in response to a question about New England's unsettled quarterback situation. On Wednesday, Ryan took a more hands-on approach on the subject of the Pats' Week 4 starter.

What you're about to see is Peak Rex. This will be on side A of his Greatest Hits album.

I love Julian Edelman's reaction to what was a strangely direct question from local beat chump "Walt Patulski". And there's Rex, grinning away like a guy at the Buffalo Elks lodge basking in the glory of a gag that landed perfectly.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Rex might annoy you now, but you'll miss him once he's gone.

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