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Reports: Tom Brady is tanned, toned, well-coiffed

Tom Brady is back. Ya' heard?

The Deflategate suspension is finally in society's rearview mirror, and Brady is prepping for his Week 5 return against the Cleveland Browns. (Really, schedule makers? That's messed up.)

We imagine this an exciting time in the blessed life of the Patriots' star quarterback, so it should be no surprise that Brady has a special glow to him as he preps for football.

Some dispatches from Patriots Lair:

While we're here, I wanted to call attention to a commercial starring Brady that airs exclusively in the New England area. Thanks for this, Internet ...

Brady has emerged as a sort of counter-culture advertising force when juxtaposed against Peyton Manning's big-box everyman schtick. It's just another layer in the fascinating character study of the two greats.

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