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Remembering Matt Hasselbeck's coin-flip guarantee

Matt Hasselbeck wasn't afraid to hang some onion in a big spot. You always have to give him that.

Thirteen years ago, Hasselbeck made the worst prediction in NFL history (well, at least until Alshon Jeffery came along). The Seahawks quarterback felt it was his team's destiny to leave Lambeau Field with the win in the 2004 Wild Card playoffs. Destiny had other plans.

I've taken umbrage with the Football Gods recently, but I can't blame them for restoring order here. Hasselbeck's moxie was admirable, but the man had flown too close to the sun on borrowed wings. He needed to be humbled, and what could be more humbling than guaranteeing a playoff victory on national television (at the start of the freaking overtime period!) only to throw a game-deciding pick six minutes later?

I'm sure Hasselbeck will tell you today the game made him a better player -- nay, a better person. "I know it sounds crazy," Matt would purr to gullible television reporter, "but I wouldn't change a thing. I really wouldn't."

Don't believe him. Because throwing that pick six really sucked.

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