Raiders keep Derek Carr out of view after injury

This could end up being remembered as a grim Christmas for Raiders fans.

Oakland's season was turned upside-down on Saturday when quarterback Derek Carrsuffered a broken fibula in the fourth quarter of a 33-25 win over the Colts. Carr appeared to say, "It's broke" or "It's broken" immediately after his foot got pinned beneath a tackler and was helped off the field before being carted off the field for X-rays. Coach Jack Del Rio later said that he will be out indefinitely.

Before leaving the field, Carr spent several minutes on the trainer's table situated on the Oakland sideline. That led to the surreal sight of a dozen or so Raiders players and personnel standing around Carr and team doctors, holding up Gatorade towels to block the view of CBS cameras.

I can't remember ever seeing this.

We're not entirely sure why the Raiders went this far to keep Carr obscured, but it underscores the devastation of the moment for a team that might have gone from a Super Bowl favorite to conference also-ran in the blink of an eye.

Sports can be so unfair. Blerg.

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