Quinn: We won't play Future to annoy Russell Wilson

The internet likes to have its fun with Future, Ciara and Russell Wilson.

Do I have to break this down? Ugh, I probably should. Future (a well-known rapper) and Ciara (a seasoned R&B star) were once engaged. Out of that relationship came one child, also named Future (we would have gone with "Distant Future", but that's just us.) The Future/Ciara relationship eventually ended, and Ciara took up with Wilson, the Seahawks quarterback.

If you click into virtually any social media post in which Wilson or Ciara appear in a photo or video together, you can guarantee multiple commenters will invoke the name of Future, or Distant Future. It's just a thing now.

This is meant to antagonize Russell Wilson, which always feels a little over the line for me, but maybe that's because I'm a dad now and I've lost my edge. In any event, the Seahawks will travel to Atlanta this weekend for a divisional round matchup against the Falcons. On Tuesday, Dan Quinn was asked if the Falcons planned to play the music of Future, an Atlanta native, at the Georgia Dome.

That puts Quinn and the Falcons in a much different category than Seattle's divisional round opponent one year ago ...

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