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PSA: Fans at The Black Hole have retained their edge

The denizens of The Black Hole have been through some stuff.

Look at the stretch that began with the team's Super Bowl XXXVII no-show and lasted through last season as the equivalent of a 13-year prison bit for one of the NFL's most passionate fanbases.

Now Raiders fans are free and enjoying the fruits of their team's great success in 2016. After all this time, have Silver & Black supporters lost their edge? Are they the same hardscrabble bunch we remember? Ask this poor kid:

I mean, it's possible the full-grown man slapping at that young Cam Newton fan is kidding around. Perhaps the unidentified adult male even knows the boy. But it feels equally plausible that this is just this a grown up attempting a Peanut Punch on an innocent minor.

The Raiders have changed. But the Black Hole remains the same.

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