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Peyton and Eli hoops battle is a freaking bloodbath

Peyton Manning is out of the NFL, but he's never far from our thoughts.

Sure, that's mostly because Manning continues to be a constant presence in ads that run on a loop during the dreaded TD-commercial-PAT-commercial-touchback-commercial portions of Sunday game telecasts, but still. On Wednesday, NFL Network aired The Timeline: Peyton Manning's Summer School, which takes a look back at the summer of 2013 for the legendary quarterback.

In the episode, we get to watch Peyton and little brother Eli playing Knockout, the old schoolyard hoops game you had completely forgotten about until right now.

What you're about to watch is two professional athletes who have each reached the peak of their chosen fields.

First off, Peyton doesn't even know the rules of Knockout, which doesn't allow defense of your opponents. But that's OK, since Peyton illegally bodying on D allows us to see how trash Eli's inside game is. Left-handed scoop shot in the lane? Please, bro.

I also enjoy how we get to see Peyton blow a layup and go into a full Dad Sprint to recover a loose ball. Just a total mess on all fronts.

Laugh at Peyton's questionable athleticism here all you want, but later that year he would set the single season records for passing yards and touchdown passes. Go figure.

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