Pepper is salty: Jets DL coach doesn't want to talk

Yup, it's one of those seasons for the New York Jets.

At 3-7, Gang Green is out of contention before Thanksgiving and stories continue to roll in portraying Todd Bowles' team as a dysfunctional bunch teetering on implosion.

Last week, Muhammad Wilkersonmissed his birthday cake. On Sunday, Darrelle Revisreminded the world he's old (again). On Wednesday, it was Pepper Johnson's turn.

Here's a taste of Johnson's 90-second availability with the media, courtesy of, which began with the defensive line coach saying, "Before we get started, there is no Pepper Johnson questions."

Reporter: There's no Pepper Johnson questions?
Johnson: Yes. There's no questions for me, then I'm not answering any questions.
Reporter: Do you mean D-line questions?
Johnson: Uh, D-line questions, no Pepper Johnson questions.
Reporter: No questions about you, but you'll answer questions about your guys?
Johnson: No. The other way around.

Your 2016 New York Jets!

It offers a nice glimpse into the tense state of affairs in Florham Park. Johnson is the coach of the defensive line, a supposed team strength that's instead garnered negative headlines for the off-the-field shenanigans and middling play by stars Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson.

Assistant coaches only have to meet with the media once during the regular season, and Johnson shrugged when reminded that he could be subject to discipline for not cooperating with reporters. Something tells me Pepper -- and perhaps the entire Jets coaching staff -- have far bigger concerns right now.

Just 112 days until the Jets solve all their problems by trading for Tony Romo.

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