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Pats file trademark for 'Unequivocally The Sweetest'

While you breathe, eat, work, sleep, love, pray, live ... the Patriots are copyrighting things. Since you read that first sentence? They probably copyrighted some more stuff. What's that? Doesn't matter, they just did it some more.

Back in February, we told you about how the Patriots had filed to trademark the phrase "Blitz for Six," "Ignore The Noise," and "No Days Off". Before that, there was "Do Your Job," "We are all Patriots" (not true), "19-0" (whoops) and "The Perfect Season" (same).

They're still at it. ESPN's Darren Rovell -- who is the guy on this beat -- reported Wednesday that the Pats filed to trademark "Unequivocally The Sweetest" on April 17, according to records with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The paperwork indicated that the Pats plan to use the phrase for "pre-recorded DVDs featuring sports."

The origin story comes from the night of Super Bowl LI, shortly after the Patriots destroyed the Falcons' souls with the greatest comeback in NFL history. Pats owner Robert Kraft was handed the Lombardi Trophy, his fifth in 24 years with the team, and he offered this in response.

"I want to say to our fans, our brilliant coaching staff, our amazing players who are so spectacular, this is unequivocally the sweetest."

If the Pats keep winning and filing paperwork at this rate they're eventually going to run out of phrases that make sense. Let's be honest, they're almost there. "Dog Cardboard Freedom." "Peanut Butter Jacuzzi." "Jingle Terrycloth." "We are Narf." Ease off the accelerator, guys.

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