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Patriots purchase pair of 767 jets for travel

You already knew the Patriots were the class of the NFL. That distinction has now expanded to include air travel.

ESPN reported Tuesday that the Patriots recently purchased two 767 Boeing wide-body jets for team travel. The planes were retrofitted with first-class seats, some which offer a full recline option. Sounds cool.

It also sounds expensive. The Worldwide Leader took a wide berth on the cost estimate, placing the price tag between $5 million and $65 million for a single aircraft. A brand new plane -- which, to be clear, these are not -- costs in the neighborhood of $200 million per.

The team later confirmed the new additions on Twitter.

Why two planes? We assume it's like how the president and vice president never travel together. Brady on one plane. Belichick on the other. In truth, one plane will be the team's primary aircraft with the other serving as a backup. The Patriots have an understudy 767. They should call it The Garoppolo.

The Patriots are the first NFL team to own their planes. Meanwhile, Jerry Jones is reading up on this, lips curled into a grin at this nifty bit of one-upmanship by the defending champs. Expect a Cowboys space shuttle by 2020.

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