Patriots Day: Barcelona pulls off miracle comeback

The Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in NFL history in Super Bowl LI, wiping out a 28-3 third-quarter deficit to devastate the Falcons. You may have heard about it.

Now the other football has its own version of the shocking turnabout we saw at NRG Stadium. On Wednesday, Barcelona wiped away a 4-0 first-leg deficit against Paris Saint-Germain with a 6-1 victory that allowed FCB to advance to the Champions League quarterfinals. Sergi Roberto's goal in the final seconds was the difference, putting Barcelona ahead 6-5 on aggregate and sending the defending French champion PSG to a stunning demise.

"It was really impossible. 15-20 minutes after the game, it is crazy and unbelievable," Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic told BBC. "The first game in Paris was hard for us, a lot of people spoke hard with our team but the reaction was special. It is history. We want to keep going on.

"We had to believe. 4-0 was hard, but it is football. We saw it in the Super Bowl, what is possible in sport. Today was crazy. This is Barcelona, the best team in the world and we want to continue our dream in the Champions League."

Obviously, the Patriots' social team was not going to miss out on this prime global branding opportunity.

So, for those of you who are knowledgeable of both sports, which comeback is more impressive? Have at it in the comment section. Don't start any global wars ... we have enough to worry about.

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