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Packers LB Blake Martinez bursts stitches vs. Lions

About midway through the second quarter of Aaron Rodgers' "Eff You For Doubting Me" showcase against the Lions on Sunday, I was silently disturbed by what appeared to be -- to borrow some Forensic Files terminology -- blood splatter on the helmet and jersey of Detroit running back Dwayne Washington.

The natural questions swarmed in my head: Where did the blood come from? Where was the body? Who was the perp? Who will prosecute the case?

A few minutes later, an exhale. The case was cracked and everyone was alive. Great news all around!

FOX sideline reporter (and Good Morning Football host) Peter Schrager reported that Packers linebacker Blake Martinez had stitches on his nose burst open. Martinez rushed back to the locker room, had the nose re-stitched and returned to the game.


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