Only thing better than Elliott's kick was dad's reaction

Jake Elliott became a household name overnight in Philadelphia. Beating the Giants with a 61-yard field goal will do that for you.

I'd say something trite like, "Elliott never has to buy a cheesesteak in Philly again!", but we all know that's not how being a kicker works. Every week is another test of your worth.

Thankfully, that occupational anxiety doesn't kick in until next weekend. For now, Elliott gets to savor his great achievement, as do those close to him. That includes Elliott's parents, who were in attendance at the Linc on Sunday afternoon.

Someone with an iPhone captured the family reaction, and Eagles Twitter had the good sense to share it with the rest of us.

These are uncertain times, in both the world and the NFL. The reaction from Elliott's father -- a man so overcome with pride he seems almost unable to process the moment -- acts as a reminder of what's worth holding onto.

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