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Odell Beckham is a bad man and the Cowboys know it

Odell Beckham Jr. is insane.

I don't mean that literally. A little eccentric? Certainly. Sometimes exhausting? Yeah, sure. But as a player of football, the man is certifiably nuts.

I'm still processing the athletic ability necessary to do what Beckham did the Cowboys on Sunday night at the Meadowlands.

(I don't know if 2005 Joe Buck was in the production booth for NBC, but please keep the camera trained on the electrifying football man celebrating in the end zone instead of goofy ol' Manning brother fistbumps.)

That play though. When Beckham catches the ball at the 46, he has three players in white jerseys around him. As he reaches mid-field, the three Dallas defenders remain within striking distance as a fourth Dallas would-be tackler converges.

The play might end here for every other wide receiver in football. But Beckham is different. He finds another gear and says goodbye to everybody. Poor Brandon Carr is one of the greatest athletes to ever come out of Flint, Michigan ... and Beckham makes him look like a punter at the combine.

This is why the Giants will put up with Beckham's oddball antics. Electric beats eccentric every time.

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