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Odell Beckham gets prominent Michael Jackson tattoo

Odell Beckham Jr. wasn't alive when Thriller came out -- hell, he wasn't even around when Dangerous dropped -- but that hasn't stopped the Giants wide receiver from becoming a devoted Michael Jackson fan.

And how do we know that Beckham idolizes the late King of Pop? Well, we've definitely seen the Moonwalk and some other trademark MJdance moves following Big Blue touchdowns. There's also this ...

That is a prominent tattoo of a dead celebrity. The caption is intriguing: "Tatted on me but tht ishh is deeper than the surface..."

**If I may speculate blindly here: In addition to being a fan of Jackson's music, I wonder if Beckham sees himself in his musical idol. Jackson, like Beckham, was a once-in-a-generation talent universally praised for his gifts but also relentlessly scrutinized by the public and press. Like Jackson, Beckham can exhibit odd behavior at times and feels generally misunderstood. Beckham, like Jackson, owned a pet chimpanzee named Bubbles.

I made that last part up, but everything else checks out, right? Jackson was the total package pop star, a man who had it all, from riches to adulation to demons. Beckham's ink is a tribute to Jackson's influence and staying power, 22 years after his last No. 1 hit and almost eight years after his death.

Here's a stellar, lesser known MJ single that Beckham should be very familiar with if he's a legit fan. God, I hope he knows it.

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