Odell Beckham gets biggest shoe deal in NFL history

Odell Beckham just scored the biggest contract of his life -- and it has nothing to do with the New York Giants.

On Tuesday, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Beckham re-upped with Nike in what is the most lucrative deal ever for an NFL player.

Various outlet reported the deal is worth $25 million over five years. This is some outrageous side cash for Beckham, who is due to make "just" $3.3 million with the Giants in the upcoming season. His annual salary will jump up to $8.5 million next year after the Giants picked up his fifth-year option in April. Free agency will bring even more riches if Beckham can remain healthy and productive.

Beckham's new deal with Nike came with some quality insider drama. Nice Kicks reported that the receiver had met with Nike and Adidas separately, and Nike waited until today's deadline to formally match the massive Adidas offer. (Apparently, the shoe game is not dissimilar to restricted free agency in the NFL.)

Beckham originally signed with Nike out of college, and will have been under contract with the industry titan for eight years and made close to $50 million by the time his new deal expires.

If you're curious, Beckham has quite a bit of brand building to do if he wants to reach the top of the endorsement food chain. In 2015, LeBron James signed a lifetime deal with Nike that his agent hinted is worth north of $1 billion. Michael Jordan, meanwhile, is probably swimming in one of the Scrooge McDuck gold coin vaults right now.

Stay hungry, OBJ.

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