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Odell Beckham becomes instant sensation in Europe

Just a few months ago, German wideout Moritz Boehringer was the first player to be selected in an NFL Draft straight from Europe. Europe, however, seems to have fallen in love with an American wide receiver as well.

Odell Beckham's trips to Germany and England to help the NFL's international presence have been nothing short of a wild success. In Odell's latest stop, England, he truly bent it like a Beckham (video above).

Also, just look at the frenzy he created in Munich, including soaking in the love on top of a car (you can't see the vehicle that clearly, but don't be surprised if it was a Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW or Volkswagen).

Continuing with the soccer theme, kicking it with Bayern Munich earlier in the trip must have also helped OBJ's stock in Deutschland.

While Germany has never hosted an NFL regular-season game before, maybe a Vikings-Giants battle in the near future featuring OBJ and Boehringer wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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