NYC tabloids have boat-related metaphors on lock

There are plenty of perks to being a huge sports star in New York. There are drawbacks, too.

Odell Beckham Jr. is being offered another reminder of the latter this morning. As you may have heard, Beckham was the focal point of the controversy surrounding a trip by Giants wide receivers to a Miami club and area marina after a Week 17 win over the Redskins, six days before a playoff matchup against the Packers.

Most dismissed this as a non-story, which it pretty much was. But here's the thing: Whether it's a "story" or not, you cannot follow that incident with the worst game of your career. Once you let them connect the narrative dots, you're finished. Fair or not, this Giants season will forever be remembered for Beckham's Bieber party and the ensuing blowout in Lambeau.

You can't let them connect the dots.

The whole soap opera is catnip for the city's local tabloids, of course. The Post slapped it on the front page, where the Giants split the cover with Donald Trump. That's quite a pairing. The Daily News went with a Giants tease on their front cover and a back page that neatly summarized all the grisly details surrounding Beckham's lost day, right down to the infamous hole in the wall at Lambeau. They're gonna need a spackle guy.

Knockout victory for the News, which wasn't afraid to rise to the challenge. Tentative showing from the Post, which, frankly, might be the most surprising aspect of this entire overblown saga.

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