NOLA police: Rob Ryan was targeted in ambush plot

Here's your weirdest story of the week.

Rob Ryan, the current Bills assistant who spent his previous three seasons as the Saints defensive coordinator, was targeted in an ambush plot last year by two dangerous criminals, according to police.

It began when a woman, new to New Orleans, noticed a slew of missed calls on her phone from a number she did not recognize. She also received a voicemail, apparently left in error, that appeared to outline the plot to rob and possibly assault Ryan.

"He don't got no security," said the voice, according to a court document obtained by The New Orleans Advocate. "He's just a regular football coach. ... He ain't ... big ... like (rapper) Lil Wayne or nobody ... that got bodyguards everywhere."

Lil Wayne, for those on a multi-year sizzurp binge, is a world-famous rapper and New Orleans native.

The woman, fearing for Ryan's safety, turned over the voicemail to local authorities. Cops alerted the Saints and Ryan of the threat and a police car was stationed outside Ryan's home near Saints headquarters for a period.

Authorities later tied the mystery caller to two men -- Jockquaren "Jock" Van Norman and Larry "Alz" Quinn -- who were part of a larger group connected to a series of robberies in upscale bars and neighborhoods in the city. The Ryan-related indictment didn't stick, but the two men face a series of serious charges that could send them to prison for decades.

Getting fired by the Saints last November all of a sudden doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world.

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