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No locker room is complete without a puke can

Back in the old days, it was common for NFL players to use training camp as a means to get into shape for the upcoming season.

Modern professional athletes are far more conscientious about how they treat their bodies, turning peak fitness into a year-round gig. Some guys are more diligent than others, of course.

This might be why training camp conditioning tests are such a fascination to football fans. If you don't put in the work in the offseason, this test will rat you out. Ask Albert Haynesworth. Or LeGarrette Blount. Or Marcell Dareus. Or Mike Wallace. I could go on.

Say what you will about the 49ers, but don't call them unprepared for this portion of the training camp calendar: 

Next time you're complaining about your job, just remember there's an unpaid intern somewhere tasked with hosing that sucker out.

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