NFL team asks Mitch Trubisky how well he can Nae Nae

North Carolina held its pro day on Tuesday, giving QB-needy NFL teams another opportunity to size up Mitchell Trubisky. (He looked fine.)

Trubisky spoke with some media folk at Chapel Hill and shared a tidbit from his extensive interview process at the NFL Scouting Combine. I suppose there could be a time when I get sick of hearing about the strange questions teams ask college prospects, but we're just not there yet. Anyway, here's what Mitch (Mitchell?) had to say:

You might remember the Nae Nae, a legit social media sensation from a few years ago. According to Wikipedia (I gain nearly all my hip hop cultural awareness from prominent, free general reference websites), the Nae Nae is "a dance that involves planting one's feet, swaying with shoulder movement, placing one hand in the air and one hand down, and incorporating personal creativity." That last part is most important.

Here's J.J. Watt doing the Nae Nae during a game in 2014. It's probably in the Trubisky Zone:

If Mitch (Mitchell?) is looking for help, below he can find a YouTube video with nearly five million views that teaches you the dance step-by-step. The guy in the vid is wearing a winter cap with the inscription "#InternetKing," which is good enough for me.

Get to work, QB1 -- your first-round fate could hang in the balance.

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