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Mmmm: McCarron, Cardale serve up tasty, stupid beef

OK, I've tracked down my favorite stupid beef of the preseason. It's AJ McCarron v. Cardale Jones. The subject? Casual dining, baby.

As you may be aware, McCarron just opened Ajian, a build-your-own-sushi restaurant on the campus of his alma mater, Alabama. Ajian is an absurd name -- we're all aware of this -- but that's not what got on Cardale's radar.

For Jones, the Chargers' new backup quarterback, the sin lies in a dearth of originality in McCarron's business portfolio. During his glory days at The Ohio State University, Jones became familiar with Fusian, a sushi restaurant with several locations in the state. And that's where we begin ...

Does anyone else find it funny that Jones knows exactly when Fusian debuted in Ohio? Indeed, the first Fusian opened its doors in 2010 -- seven years ago. Also funny: McCarron responded to Jones' criticism today at Bengals camp.

"To Cardale, I guess, that's how things work]," McCarron said, [per "Somebody comes up with something and then that's how it spreads throughout. I'm pretty sure that's how fast food works. McDonald's was probably the first one and people came up with other ways to do it."

Who's side you on here? AJ or Cardale? Alabama or Ohio State? Ajian or Fusian? Both serve good, stupid beef.

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