'Minnesota Miracle' made all sorts of NFL history

The Vikings have already begun the process of preparing for their conference championship affair against the Eaglesnext Sunday. We, as fans, don't need to move on so quickly.

Stefon Diggs' 61-yard touchdown as time expired is still hard to believe. When Vikings radio man Paul Allen called it the "Minnesota Miracle" in real time, what his description lacked in innovation it made up for in dead-on accuracy. That play was a miracle -- truly a divine intervention in human affairs. And since when did the heavens smile down upon the Vikings? Truly wild stuff.

The fine people that make up our NFL Media Research team got busy after the game trying to put the incredible nature of Sunday's final play into historical context. Here are three nuggets -- or "nugs" -- I found especially saucy:

»*This was the first postseason game in NFL history that ended with a winning touchdown on the final play of the fourth quarter.* Write a script. Option the rights. Get Sam Rockwell in the Case Keenum role.

»*Diggs' 61-yard score was the second-longest winning touchdown in the final 10 seconds of the fourth quarter of a playoff game in NFL history. The only longer touchdown? Kevin Dyson going 75 yards after the "lateral" from Frank Wychek in the Music City Miracle against the Bills in January 2000.* Here's a good debate: Which score was more dramatic? The Titans' touchdown was perhaps more improbable, what with the Wychek toss and all, but the Diggs' TD was a walk-off touchdown. I think the Vikings get the edge for that reason.

»*The "Minnesota Miracle" takes its place as the most famous 61-yard touchdown in NFL history. It has a fun neighbor in the "Immaculate Reception," a 60-yard touchdown pass from Terry Bradshaw to Franco Harris (via Jack Tatum and/or John Fuqua) in the 1972 Divisional Playoffs.* Harris' touchdown occurred 46 years ago and remains an essential piece of NFL lore. Keenum and Diggs now own a piece of NFL history that should have similar legs. That must be a nice feeling.

Every corner of the sports blogosphere is crawling with Vikings fans reaction videos on Monday, and I heartily endorse you taking a spin around the information superhighway to enjoy it all. Let's check out the concourse of the XCel Energy Center in St. Paul, where fans of the NHL's Minnesota Wild went, well, you know.

While we're here, let's swing over to the Target Center ahead of a Sunday night matchup between the Timberwolves and Trailblazers.

The T-Wolves beat the Blazers, 120-103. No one in Minnesota cared even a little bit.

Stefon Diggs reeled in a 61-yard touchdown with no time remaining to cap a wild Vikings 29-24 win over the Saints. Relive the final play from all angles from the field.

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