Mike Vick: Cam Newton can't beat me in the 40

Mike Vick is still unemployed, but he doesn't want you to forget about him.

Arguably the most dynamic quarterback to ever play the position, Vick is now 36 and six years clear of his last productive NFL season. Vick has shown flashes of old glory in his late-period, but it appears the general feeling of the football cognoscenti is that Vick's special athleticism is no longer special enough to land a job.

Which may help to explain why Vick -- who's been selling himself throughout the offseason -- was selling his famed athleticism in a chat with reporters at a golf event in Charlotte this week. Vick said he'd remain in the top three fastest quarterbacks in the league today if he landed a job and named worthy competitors to the throne like Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton before a reporter cut him off.

"Cam couldn't beat you in the 40?" the reporter asked, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Replied Vick: "No, Cam can't beat me in the 40. But his speed is decent. Decent speed. Good enough. Fast enough, I will say that."

For the record, Vick ran a 4.33-second 40-yard dash at his Virginia Tech pro day. Newton was clocked at 4.59 seconds in his best pre-draft sprint. It should be noted that Hillary Clinton's husband was still the president when Vick announced he was going pro.

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