Mike Tomlin: Chris Boswell free to try another rabona

Chris Boswell has nailed the rabona before, but he certainly did not on Sunday. That doesn't mean Mike Tomlin is ready to give up on his kicker's trick play.

"We felt comfortable about allowing him to deliver that kick based on what we've seen him do here in practice-like settings," Tomlin said Tuesday, according to ESPN.com. "Would I give him the opportunity again? I would, based on what I've seen in preparation."

I really don't want to show Boswell's failed rabona again. How many times do you have to watch the same car crash? This is basically a "Faces Of Death" video at this point. Watch at your own peril:

Tomlin's only disappointment with the play came in Boswell's inability to "execute under pressure." Harsh, but true. As we wrote yesterday, no team will expect Boswell to attempt another rabona after his spectacular folly went viral across the globe. Which makes it an even more efficient trick play.

Boswell would have to have the guts of a cat burglar in the White House to try it again. If he does he has my respect forever -- in success or failure.

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