Merry Zekemas! Ezekiel Elliott gives O-linemen UTVs

If you're a human with friends and/or family this holiday season, you're obligated to exchange gifts of any and all sizes. A small tchotchke means just as much as a luxury car fully equipped with a stupid-big bow and an attractive, well-dressed family.

If you're a record-setting rookie running back on football's most popular team heading to the postseason with home-field advantage, well, your holiday gesture has to be big. Texas big.

Ezekiel Elliott delivered the goods on Friday, when he surprised his offensive line, one that paved the way for his league-leading 1,511 rushing yards and is regarded as the best in football, with a slew of Utility Task Vehicles (UTV).

We already knew that Elliott was a giving chap -- he jumped in a red bucket and suddenly Salvation Army donations increased by 41 percent. But this, this is something else. You don't often see a *rookie *give back to the big heavies with such a display.

Elliott made less than $500K in base salary this season, according to Spotrac. Of course, his signing bonus was over $4 million (there's way more where that came from) and he's likely got 97 endorsement deals coming his way in the offseason. But still, five UTVs is a hefty bill for a 21-year-old.

But now that Travis Frederick and Co. have their John Deere off-roading vehicles, the only question left is whether the O-line can mow down their postseason competition. Bang. Nailed it.

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